Tempted by the Soup of Another

Tempted by the Soup of Another

It’s been a couple of years since this took place, so I will do my best to accurately relay the conversation that inspired this drawing.

B: I can’t get that song out of my head. You know that one, [sings] “tempted by the soup of another.”

L: [Choking] Um… I think it’s fruit. Tempted by the fruit of another. [Hysterical laughter.]

B: Same difference.

L: How so?

B: They’re both food.

True story.

Joy to the World!

To Touch Their Hams of Gold

Quite a few years back, my banjo teacher was working through some tab with me from “A Clawhammer Christmas.” I am not sure how it came about that he was reading the lyrics to “Joy to the World,” aloud from the book, but, lucky for me, he was.

This is how “to touch their hams of gold,” was born. I’ve been threatening to draw this for years; although, this one’s not like I pictured it in my head. May take a crack at it again someday.

True story.